March 4, 2019

How Silent Beacon Panic Alarm Button can be Used in Places like Banks and Retail Stores?

What is Panic Alarm Button?

Panic alarm button is a device which is used to generate an alarm in case of any emergency or threat to a person or property. If you feel threatened or you have the instinct of being threatened, press the button to call for help.

Panic alarm buttons can be used at any place under potential threat because this little precaution is going to save you from huge losses.

School shooting incidents are on the rise since 2013, and there is 1 accident every week. Many mass shooting accidents have been reported around the world. Having a panic button is very important, especially if you are in a crowded place.

Not only big places like schools, organizations, banks or retail stores have the need to install panic buttons, but individuals should also carry panic buttons when going out because violent crimes are also on rising.

Safety Application

Many applications have been introduced which, when connected with portable panic buttons, can generate alerts and send them to the emergency services.

One of the most trusted and widely popular apps is Silent Beacon because it can be used in any place as it is installed in a wearable device and you can carry with you anywhere, discreetly.

Smart Criminals

Recently there has been a rise in criminal activities in banks and retail stores. Though banks and retail stores have security systems and security guards, criminals are also becoming smarter. Jamming a bank security system or a retail security system is not a difficult job for them. For this reason, your mobile or tablet or smartwatches come into play, because Silent Beacon panic alarm system can be installed on any of the devices.

Silent Beacon can be installed in Banks and Retail stores

Silent Beacon is not specific to a certain place. It is great because it can be used anywhere. When we consider banks and retail stores, we know that these are sensitive places because not only lives are at stake, but also valuable property.

These organizations tend to have strong security systems, but technology also helps criminals who are getting smarter in defeating such systems. In addition, black sheep could be a trusted employee.

That’s why Silent Beacon can come handy. Because it is a free safety app and it is portable. It can be used in banks and retail stores. It will work when security systems fail.

Older panic alarm button is not very helpful in such situations because criminals know about them. But, when these panic buttons are controlled by apps, it becomes harder for criminals to counteract them.

How Silent Beacon Works?

Silent Beacon is an app which takes a list of emergency contacts who you want to send alert to. It also shares your real-time GPS location to the emergency contacts. You can call one of these contacts (or 911) and do a mass message to others.

Once you have done that, you will get an interface with a big SOS button. Whenever you find yourself in danger, all you need to do is to press that button and your loved ones will be notified and your help will be on your way.

Whenever your bank or retail store is under any criminal activity and they have jammed your security system. All you need to do is to open your application in your phone. Then press the SOS button and your alert will be sent to emergency contacts along with your location.

This way, you can not only save lives but can protect property as well. If you work in a bank or you work in a retail store, install this application keep yourself safe.