May 27, 2020

The Self-Defense Difference: Silent Beacon’s Life-Saving Features

Silent Beacon best medical alert system Life-Saving Features

Over the years, traditional safety devices have helped make people feel safer when exploring alone, in the dark, or in unknown areas. However, in an emergency, safety tools like pepper spray and cell phones have certain limitations when you are faced with a life-threatening situation. The Silent Beacon wearable panic button is the new and improved modern safety device. It is specifically designed to alert your loved ones and get help immediately in an emergency.

Silent Beacon has enhanced the ability of what a safety device can provide in life-threatening scenarios. Silent Beacon best medical alert system features differ dramatically from previous traditional safety devices that have been idolized for so long. The following safety tactics display flaws that the Silent Beacon has overcome.

Pepper Spray:

When most people think of self-defense, they immediately think of pepper spray. Pepper spray is a lachrymatory agent that is a tear gas chemical compound which causes a burning sensation in the eyes. The spray also causes difficulty breathing, vigorous coughing, and a runny nose. It has become a million-dollar industry with both average bystanders and law enforcement agencies customers. Carrying pepper spray in case you need to defend yourself against an attacker is a useful tool. However, your attacker will only be blind temporarily giving you very little time to escape. In order for pepper spray to work properly, you need to be in close proximity to your attacker. There is a chance that the perpetrator will fight back. And you could risk being affected by the pepper spray yourself, leaving you even more vulnerable to attack.

Keys for Defense:

When walking to your car in the dark, it is important to remain aware of your surroundings. Park your car in a well-lit area whenever possible, and get into your car as quickly as you can. For many years, people, especially women, have been taught to place their keys in between their knuckles for self-defense when walking alone. Using a car key as a weapon can catch an attacker off guard, but may only stun them temporarily. While this self-defense tactic is a good additional safety measure, it is important not to rely on it entirely. An attacker will stop at nothing and you should be prepared to use any means necessary to defend yourself. But you have to find a way to call for help quickly.

Calling 911 with a Cell Phone:

We’re taught from a very young age to call 911 in an emergency. We’ve all grown up believing that this is the best option when faced with a life-threatening situation. Of course, calling the police is crucial during an emergency. However, finding your phone, pulling it out, unlocking your screen, and dialing 911 all takes precious time. Not to mention, one of the first things a perpetrator may do is try to separate you from your cell phone to prevent you from dialing 911. Also, most cell phones don’t offer GPS locations to emergency responders and the call may not be completed in time to save a life.


These safety tools are all important things to prepare yourself with. But there is a solution that addresses the shortcomings of these other safety precautions: Silent Beacon’s best medical alert system. The Silent Beacon is a wearable panic button created specifically to fill a safety communication need within the modern technology world.

The Silent Beacon is a Perfect Addition to Traditional Safety Measures:

Traditional Safety Measures and safety device

Call Anyone:

Different emergencies require different responses. Silent Beacon allows you to customize who you call for help. Whether that’s 911, emergency services, a family member or friend, even phone numbers overseas. Our panic button is the only device on the market that allows you to choose which phone number you want to be called during an emergency. You have the freedom to call whoever you want, wherever you want by the press of a button.

GPS Location:

With one touch of a button, Silent Beacon uses your smartphone’s GPS to send your location in real-time, This will be sent via text, email, and push notifications to people who can help you in an emergency. This feature adds a whole extra layer of safety, enabling contacts to find you if you’re incapacitated or unable to talk. Gain a sense of comfort by knowing you are not alone and your loved ones are aware of your location.

Send Text/Email:

Silent Beacon’s free app is the best safety app on the market. With the Silent Beacon app, you can customize alerts to your preferences. If you are ever forced into an uncomfortable situation and are unable to make a phone call. Then you have the ability to contact loved ones with a text or email through the Silent Beacon panic button. No more stress or time will be wasted trying to formulate and send a message for help on your cell phone. You can rely on just this one button in the palm of your hand during an emergency.   

Silent Alert Mode:

Disable your LED lights and audio In a sensitive situation to silently notify your emergency contacts. In this case, You are not revealing that you’ve activated the Silent Beacon’s best medical alert system. When calling for help in silent mode, your voice can be heard through the Beacon. But your contact’s voice will be muted. One press of the panic button during a life-threatening event will alert for help without anyone around you knowing. 

Small Size:

A special feature that Silent Beacon does include is the discreet size of the panic button. The Silent Beacon panic button can easily fit in the palm of your hand without being visible to an attacker. You can carry the device in your hand, pocket, purse, or even as a keychain that is kept with you at all times. A small device will give you the advantage to call for help secretly and efficiently. Law enforcement will already be contacted before the attacker has a chance to cause unforgivable harm.

Silent Beacon is the best medical alert system available and can be the panic button that saves you or a loved one’s life. The modern life-saving features that Silent Beacon has incorporated into its panic button is what the future of safety devices looks like. In order to feel protected and equipped in any sudden life-threatening scenario, the Silent Beacon device is what you need. Don’t waste any more time. Purchase a Silent Beacon today for you and your loved ones.