February 26, 2019

Realtor Safety App: How Real Estate Agents need Personal Security

Realtor Safety App

Realtor safety apps are those apps which are specifically developed for realtors because of the nature of their business. They have to meet different clients and they never know how the situation could go.

So, in order to keep a backup, they tend to have some apps or panic buttons which when connected to phone applications, generate alerts to concerned ones or 911.

Due to the increasing number of incidents in the real-estate business in recent years, the concerns in the real-estate industry are more real than ever. Apps have been created which can be used in order to keep their agents safe.

Some of these realtor safety apps are given below:

Silent Beacon

It is one of the most trusted apps, which is specially designed for such situations. Silent Beacon is an app when connected with a panic button, functions.

Silent Beacon has a list of emergency contacts where your alerts can be sent in the form of a call, e-mail or text message. You can program any contact on that list.

Silent Beacon also provides your current real-time location to your concerned ones within five seconds. The coolest part of this app is that you can reach 911 directly. You don’t have to waste time with call center representatives and ask them to direct you to emergency centers.

Trust Stamp

This is a safety tool from NAR. In this tool, the realtor needs to make an account of himself and send a link to the potential clients to create his profile. It needs to provide his official ID and any other social account. When the client completes all the formalities, then a signal is generated to the realtor telling him about the trust percentage of the client.


In this app, if you feel doubtful about anything or you are in a dangerous situation, all you need to do it to open this app and a button will appear to the screen. Hold that button with your thumb. As long as you hold this button, nothing will happen but when you remove your button you will be given 4 seconds to enter a pin code, otherwise, police will be informed by the app and your location would also be shared with the police.

Agent Armor

This app is specially designed for realtors. It is used to alert the broker, emergency contacts, or your colleagues. This app allows your concerned ones to know about your meeting. During that meeting, a safety alert will check in to know about your safety. If you don’t respond to the alert, your concerned ones will be notified with your location and they can take contingency steps.


This app involves a timer, which generates an alarm if the user has not checked in. It also features a fake call which makes your phone ring when you want it to. It also includes a guardian alert button which, when pressed, sends your location and video of your surroundings to your emergency contacts.

There are many other apps for realtors but above are the best ones. If you want my recommendations, I’ll go with Silent Beacon because it is reliable and does not fail.

How Real-Estate Agents Need Personal Security

When we talk about real-estate agents, we can assume what kind of job they do. They have to meet a lot of people on daily basis, which includes meeting with clients, showing properties to clients and sharing information online.

If a single person is involved in such business and in a world, which is full of criminals and thugs. Then it becomes the top concern for the real-estate agent to have a complete security system in place in case any unusual situation arises.

Real-estate agents do meet with strangers and not every stranger wants to be a client. Instead, criminals are trying to take advantage of the willingness of the agent to meet strangers.

So, in order to keep your agent safe, consider the above Silent Beacon Safety applications and device.