Enterprise Safety Solutions Overview

Silent Beacon’s Enterprise Safety Solutions is a workplace safety suite that integrates our award-winning panic buttons for offices with our customizable mass alert portal, mobile app and optional 24-hour monitoring service. This solution allows your company the visibility to monitor possible threats, alert and communicate during emergencies and quickly facilitate the type of assistance that is needed.

Cloud Based Dashboard

The cloud-based dashboard gives administrators the ability to see and edit users, connect devices, customize alerts, send messaging for mass alerts and view notifications in real-time.

Mass Alert Portal

Customize and send voice, text and emails to properly transmit information during an emergency.

IOS/Android Applications

Receive or Send Push Notifications, Texts Messages, Email Messages and Phone calls of a possible emergency

Wearable Panic Buttons

Talk directly into the Silent Beacon panic button and use our fully customizable alerts including, Footsteps, Check-in and Silent Modes.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

24/7 monitoring specialists trusted by the worlds leading life safety and technology companies

Version Control

Our Enterprise Safety Solutions constantly receives updates and advancements including new firmware and panic buttons.

Cloud-based Dashboard

The Cloud-based Dashboard empowers administrators to monitor and edit beacon users, connect devices, customize alerts, send mass alert messages, and view notifications in real-time. Our dashboard seamlessly connects across our suite of products, enabling the Business Safety App and Silent Beacon device to communicate effectively. All the information is stored in one easy to digest area.

The Cloud-based Dashboard empowers administrators to monitor and edit beacon users, connect devices, customize alerts, send mass alert messages, and view notifications in real-time. Our dashboard seamlessly connects across our suite of products, enabling the Business Safety App and Silent Beacon device to communicate effectively. All the information is stored in one easy to digest area.

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Mass Alert Portal

In case of an emergency, send customized voice messages, texts, and emails to properly transmit critical information. Create alert groups and templates that help organize the response flow, and select the people or groups that will receive alerts, the custom message, and the notification channels. Delegate personnel or teams responsible for dispersing mass alerts and specify their duties.

Should an emergency arise, the dispatcher in your company or our 24 monitoring center can send mass alerts to keep those at risk informed. This function works for employees, students, parents, faculty, staff, or anyone who’s added to the user section of the dashboard.

Silent Beacon Panic Buttons

The Silent Beacon panic button is a Bluetooth safety device that allows users to immediately make phone calls and send alert messages to pre-stored contacts, including 911 and our 24-hour monitoring service. With Silent Beacon, a smartphone’s GPS sends the user’s real-time location through text, email, and push notifications, which helps the user’s contacts provide assistance in emergencies. This feature provides an additional layer of security to the user, enabling contacts to find the user when they are incapacitated or cannot communicate.

Additionally, Silent Beacon’s Business Solutions portal can send alerts to desktops and group messaging with voice-to-text capability.


IOS/Android Safety Applications

Your company can provide users with their own Silent Beacon Business Safety App, offering them the ability to send emergency alerts to 911 or a dispatcher. Dispatchers can also use the app to locate people in need and be notified of potential danger.

This unique Business Safety App enables you to store vital information like the battery life of each user’s Silent Beacon Device, as well as their previous alert locations. The app communicates directly with the Safety Portal and serializes users’ devices, making them easy to locate and monitor.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Our 24/7 professional monitoring services are trusted by leading safety and technology companies worldwide. Our monitoring specialists can identify and forward emergency locations to first responders using data stored on the Enterprise Safety Portal & App. Additionally, we can dispatch mass alerts in accordance with your company’s emergency protocols. 

Using our external resources for professional monitoring services alleviates the burden on internal resources and mitigates the risk of slower response times or unanswered calls, which could result from solely relying on emergency services like 911 that may not have the additional tools necessary to adhere to company safety protocols and send mass alerts.

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Version Control​

Our Enterprise Safety Solutions offer our clients the most up-to-date hardware and software, always on the forefront of technological advancements in the field. With features like new firmware and panic buttons for offices, we provide unparalleled safety to businesses. 

Additionally, we value our clients and provide all hardware and software updates free of charge with our ESS solutions package.

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Industry Leader

From our innovative products to our commitment to customer service, Silent Beacon sets the standard for safety in today's world. We providing customers with peace of mind and are extending these offerings to businesses of all sizes.

Our Growing Team

Our Company is made up of talented engineers, seasoned executives, and designers who are constantly working to create innovative products that meet customer needs. This team allows Silent Beacon to stay ahead of the competition by creating new features for existing products, as well as developing entirely new products that can be used to improve safety and security.

Eye on the Future

Our partnerships, customer feedback, and innovative technology team contribute to our ongoing evolution of offerings catering for present needs. This approach allows us to remain ahead of the curve in providing reliable solutions.

How Onboarding Works

Our platform can be effortlessly integrated into clients’ businesses. Here are the easy steps it takes to do so:

30 minute demonstration

During our session, our team will offer an informative walkthrough of our enterprise safety portal, highlighting the functional details of the silent beacon panic buttons as well as showcasing the various options that can positively impact your company’s safety.

Create a Quote

Once we receive your company’s information and learn how you intend to utilize our enterprise safety solutions, we will provide you with a detailed quote. This quote will outline the number of devices, users, and alert recipients required for your customized solution.

Customizing your Dashboard

After successfully signing the paperwork, we will send your ordered Silent Beacon Panic Devices. Each user assigned a beacon will be automatically stored in your personalized dashboard. Once the users download the business safety app, they will be able to connect to the portal effortlessly. This creates a smooth communication experience.

Shipping and setting up the Beacons

Our sales representative and your company’s administrator for the Silent Beacon business portal will collaborate to set up the dashboard. This includes adding the dispatcher and alert phone number, as well as adding your users. The users can be uploaded either by importing a CSV file or by manual entry. This streamlined process ensures that you can easily manage your team’s safety without any hassle.

Continued Support

After completing the setup and beginning to use our product, you can turn to our dedicated support team for assistance with any inquiries. They are always on hand to provide helpful answers. Additionally, you can refer to our online knowledge base and Dashboard documents, which offer comprehensive insights and guidance.