24/7 Professional Monitoring

Personal safety device for employess

Professional Monitoring from Silent Beacon

911 may not have the additional tools to adhere to company safety protocols and cannot send mass alerts. We offer professional monitoring services to accommodate companies that do not have the internal support capabilities and to mitigate risk of long response time.

4 Reasons to Choose our Monitoring Services

Monitoring Specialists

Monitoring trusted by the world’s leading safety and technology companies

Location Tracking

Our monitoring specialists can identify and forward the emergency location to first responders from the data stored on the Enterprise Safety Portal & App

Mass Alert Dispatching

The monitoring specialists can send out the mass alerts in accordance with the company’s emergency protocols

External Resources

Using our 24/7 professional monitoring services takes the burden off internal resources and mitigates risk of slower response time and/or unanswered calls

Professional Monitoring for companies of all sizes.

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