Cloud-based Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

The Cloud-based Dashboard enables administrators to monitor and edit beacon users, connect devices, customize alerts, send mass alert messages, and view notifications in real-time. Our dashboard connects across our suite of products allowing the Business Safety App and Silent Beacon device’s to talk seamlessly and store all the information in one easy to digest area.

The Dispatcher at your company, or our 24 professional monitoring center is then able to send out a mass alert to the people who need to be aware of the situation.  This can be employees, students, parents, faculty, staff or anyone else you have added to the user section of the Dashboard.


Includes access to the Portal to add new users, assign their roles, customize notification channels and messaging, and view reporting. There can be unlimited Admins at no additional cost.

Panic Button Users

Users who have physical or App based panic buttons giving them the ability to send out notifications and mass alerts. This device has both a speaker and microphone so they can talk directly into the Silent Beacon.


The Dispatcher is the person responsible for receiving the emergency phone call during an emergency, this can be 911 or our add-on 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

911 may not have the additional tools to adhere to company safety protocols. We offer professional monitoring to accommodate companies that do not have internal support capabilities.

Dashboard Capabilities

Account Management

Create Sub-Accounts for companies that have multiple branches or have locations in other States that require independent reporting and monitoring based on the specific area.

Panic button Connection

The Silent Beacon panic button is a Bluetooth safety device that allows users to instantly place phone calls while simultaneously sending alert messages with their GPS location including 911 or our 24-monitoring service.

Live Tracking Map

Our Dashboard and text link will allow you to track people in emergencies from your company, get their location and allow you clarity into resolving the issue.

User Database

Each employee can be stored within customized groups and have multiple roles depending on their job. You may also upload mass alert recipients who will just receive alerts when a mass alert is sent.

Custom Groups

Groups are designed to allow you to separate people so a mass alert will not be sent company wide if it is an isolated issue. Managers, Shifts, Parents or location specific employees are popular choices.

Mass Alerts

Send customized voice messages, texts, and emails to properly transmit information during an emergency to all employees, parents, customized groups or individuals.

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