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Custom App Interface for your Company

Your company will have access to their own Silent Beacon Business Safety App which will allow your users the ability to send alerts to 911 or a dispatcher.  Dispatchers may also use the App to see where people are in alert and be notified of a situation.

The Business Safety App is unique to your company which can house info like the battery life of each users Silent Beacon Device and store their previous Alert locations.  The App talks directly to the Safety Portal and serializes your users Devices so they can be located and governed accordingly.

Top 3 Silent Beacon Safety Application Features

Connects to your Panic Button

Your bluetooth Silent Beacon Panic Button will pair to our Safety App allowing you to be hands free of your phone in an emergency. One touch of the button can notify 911 via your smartphone or tablet.

Sends Alerts with Real-time Data

The App connects to our Cloud-based Portal setting in motion any stored commands you have set, including sending mass alerts, instructions on an emergency and your GPS location.

Adds a personal emergency contact

This added feature allows you to add your own personal contact to be notified if there is an emergency on the way to or at the location of your job.

Setting up the App with the Panic Button

The Business Safety App has similar features of the Consumer Version but allows the alerts to be sent to a Dispatch and become records of the company though the Safety Portal.  A user of the business safety app can not edit anything as it is stored through the admin panel, this makes sure that the procedures and protocols of the company are not compromised.


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