Silent Beacon Ease - Panic Alert Button

Enjoy the ease of use.

The new Silent Beacon Ease has larger buttons and you only need one to send an alert.

Protecting over Americans

Over 100,000 downloads on Amazon, Google and the Apple Play Store

The growing safety and security company.

A violent Crime occurs
every 26 seconds

Silent Beacon allows you to instantly notify

multiple emergency contacts Including 9-1-1

or our Call Center. Send alert text messages,

emails and push notifications with GPS location

in real-time.

crime rate USA

Out of the

192 Million

Wireless Calls to 911 Per Year

115 Million People


be accurately located by emergency dispatchers.

Optional 24/7 Call Center

Our certified 24/7 Call Center allows you to have extra protection for you and your loved ones as we monitor your status around the clock.

  • Talk to one of our trained professionals who can assist in getting you help when you need it.
  • Add your medication, medical conditions as well as allergies to help provide the appropriate care.
  • Automatically send your contacts alert notifications, texts and even emails, with your location.
  • Find the best plan that suites your current needs, NO contracts.
Safety panic button for employees


call icon Silent Beacon Ease Subscription Call 911 or any pre-stored number

Contact 911 or emergency personnel by storing which ever phone number you would like within the Silent Beacon.  This can be friends, loved ones, or even someone overseas.

location Silent Beacon Ease Subscription Share your GPS location with others

Activate multiple alert methods through our free Safety App to broaden your safety network.

fees monthly Silent Beacon Ease Subscription No monthly fees

Purchase the device and unlock all the features without needing any monthly subscription fees.