Panic Button for Businesses

Enterprise Safety Solutions Overview

Silent Beacon’s Enterprise Safety Solutions is a workplace safety suite that integrates our award-winning panic buttons with our customizable mass alert portal, mobile app and optional 24-hour monitoring service.


This solution allows your company the visibility to monitor possible threats, alert and communicate during emergencies and quickly facilitate the type of assistance that is needed.

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  • Cloud Based Dashboard

    The cloud-based dashboard gives administrators the ability to see and edit users, connect devices, customize alerts, send messaging for mass alerts and view notifications in real-time.

  • Mass Alert Portal

    Customize and send voice, text and emails to properly transmit information during an emergency.

  • IOS/Android Applications

    Receive or Send Push Notifications, Texts Messages, Email Messages and Phone calls of a possible emergency

  • Silent Beacon Panic Buttons

    Talk directly into the Silent Beacon and use our fully customizable modes including Silent, SOS, and Fake Call

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring

    24/7 monitoring specialists trusted by the worlds leading life safety and technology companies

Cloud-based Dashboard

The Cloud-based Dashboard enables administrators to monitor and edit beacon users, connect devices, customize alerts, send mass alert messages, and view notifications in real-time. Our dashboard connects across our suite of products allowing the Business Safety App and Silent Beacon device’s to talk seamlessly and store all the information in one easy to digest area.


The dispatcher at your company (or our 24 monitoring center) is then able to send out a mass alert to the people who need to be aware of the situation.  This can be employees, students, parents, faculty, staff or anyone else you have added to the user section of the Dashboard.


Setup a 30 minute demonstration of our safety solutions with our sales team.

Silent Beacon Panic Button Dashboard

Mass Alert Portal

Send customized voice messages, texts, and emails to properly transmit information during an emergency. Create multiple alert groups and use templates that help organize the response flow. Select the people or groups that will receive alerts, the custom message, and the notification channels. Delegate which personnel or team is responsible for dispersing mass alerts and specify their duties.


You may also either pre-record audio messages that are stored as templates or record on the fly, allowing the most customizable solution to deal with your current emergency situation.  Silent Beacon’s 24 hour monitoring center can also send out these mass alerts if you are unable to have someone on site be in charge of the mass alerts.


We have added a feature which can allow users the ability to contact their own personal contact during the emergency, this can be toggled by the admin of the company and allows for loved ones to be aware of a potential emergency situation.

Silent Beacon Panic Buttons

The Silent Beacon panic button is a Bluetooth safety device that allows users to instantly place phone calls while simultaneously sending alert messages with their GPS location to pre-stored contacts including 911 or our 24-monitoring service.


Silent Beacon uses a smartphone’s GPS to send the user’s location in real-time via text, email, and push notifications to people who can help in an emergency.
This feature adds a whole extra layer of safety, enabling contacts to find the user if they are incapacitated or unable to talk.


In addition to connecting to mobile devices, Silent Beacon’s Business Solutions portal can send alerts to desktops plus voice-to-text group messaging.

IOS/Android Applications

Your company will have access to their own Silent Beacon Business Safety App which will allow your users the ability to send alerts to 911 or a dispatcher.  Dispatchers may also use the App to see where people are in alert and be notified of a situation.


The Business Safety App is unique to your company which can house info like the battery life of each users Silent Beacon Device and store their previous Alert locations.  The App talks directly to the Safety Portal and serializes your users Devices so they can be located and governed accordingly.


The Business Safety App has similar features of the Consumer Version but allows the alerts to be sent to a Dispatch and become records of the company though the Safety Portal.  A user of the business safety app can not edit anything as it is stored through the admin panel, this makes sure that the procedures and protocols of the company are not compromised.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

911 may not have the additional tools to adhere to company safety protocols and cannot send mass alerts. We offer professional monitoring services to accommodate companies that do not have the internal support capabilities and to mitigate risk of long response time.

  • Monitoring Specialists

    Monitoring trusted by the world’s leading safety and technology companies

  • Location Tracking

    Our monitoring specialists can identify and forward the emergency location to first responders from the data stored on the Enterprise Safety Portal & App

  • Mass Alert Dispatching

    The monitoring specialists can send out the mass alerts in accordance with the company’s emergency protocols

  • External Resources

    Using our 24/7 professional monitoring services takes the burden off internal resources and mitigates risk of slower response time and/or unanswered calls


Setup a 30 minute demonstration of our safety solutions with our sales team.