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Discover the full capabilities of the Silent Beacon app by following this comprehensive guide. Learn about all the app screens, functions, and troubleshooting steps to make the most of your experience.



By accessing or using Silent Beacon, LLC’s (“SBL”) mobile applications (“the Apps”), or other additional services and features to which you may subscribe for additional fees (the “Services”) owned or operated by SBL (also referred to as “We”, “Us”, or “the Company”) or Device,  you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth within our Terms of Service, which may be modified by us in our sole discretion from time to time (the “Terms”)and you shall be bound by any modified Terms. Because our Apps,  Services and Devices continue to evolve, we may change or discontinue all or any part of the Apps, Services and Devices, at any time and without notice, in our sole discretion.


The Silent Beacon device is referred to as the Beacon

The Silent Beacon’s application is referred to as the App

The main Silent Beacon user is referred to as User, You or Your.

A person you choose to receive alerts inside the app is called a Contact

A second user of a separate App and Beacon is referred to as a Secondary User

A User’s mobile phone, Tablet, or other Bluetooth device the beacon is connected to is referred to as a Smartphone

The lighting system on the Device is referred to as a LED

App Download


Silent Beacon business app logo

The Silent Beacon Enterprise Safety Application is exclusively downloadable for iPhones and iPads through Apple’s iOS App Store as well as for Bluetooth-enabled Android phones and tablets at the Google Play Store.

Search & Download “Business App for Silent Beacon

Compatibility for Apple Devices

Any Bluetooth 5.0 enabled iPhone or iPad with cellular service and the latest operation system installed is compatible.

Compatibility for Android Devices
To check if the your device is compatible, simply search for the App on Google Play store. If the App appears, it will work on your device.

App Updates

Make sure your app is updated to the latest version and that the Firmware on your Beacon has been updated to the latest version.

Splash Screen

The splash screen is the first screen you will see when opening the Application. The screen includes:
• Silent Beacon logo
• App version number


App Version


App Store Version





Welcome to the Silent Beacon Safety App
Send alerts and call anyone instantly!
Register / Log In

Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen gives you two clickable options:
  • Register” which allows you to register a new account
  • Log In” to their existing account


A prompt will appear asking you to turn on “Push Notifications”. This enables the App to send notifications when the the following events occur.

• The Silent Beacon App is closed
• The Beacon has disconnected from the phone
• An Emergency Contact has triggered an Alert on their own Beacon
• Footsteps has either started/stopped
• Check-in has been pressed
• The smaller button on the Beacon has been tapped (lets you know if its connected or not without having to go into the App).
“Silent Beacon” Would Like to Send You Notifications.
Notifications may include alerts, sounds, and icon badges. These can be configured in Settings. Don’t Allow | Allow
Step 1 of 4
Please enter your phone number. Continue By registering, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For users under 13, please submit a Consent Form.

Log In

You are required to enter the phone number of the smartphone that will connect to the App. At the bottom of the screen there are three (3) legal documents.
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

By registering, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Log In Step 2

A verification screen requires you to enter a 6-digit code which is sent to the number they entered in the Step 1 screen.

If you do not receive the code, they can choose additional options on how to troubleshoot and receive the verification code. The two options include:
• Resend Code
Our server attempts to send the passcode again to the user’s phone.
• Verify by Phone Call
You will receive a call back of AI verbally sharing the 6-digit code.
Once you enter the code press Continue.
Step 2 of 4
Please enter the 6-digit code sent to your phone. Resend Code | Verify by Phone Call
Step 4 of 4
Finally, please create a 4-digit passcode. You will need this passcode to disarm emergency alerts, log out, and delete your account. Continue

Log In Step 3

The final registration step requires you to enter a private 4-digit passcode. This code is used when the you attempt to turn off an emergency alert mode or remove/delete the Application from your phone.

You are prompted to re-enter the passcode to ensure the correct 4-digit passcode has been entered by yourself.

Please re-enter your 4-digit passcode. Finish

Error With Account

If you entered a phone number that is not registered, you will be notified with a popup message.


If you have not registered or had a previous account under this phone number please contact the Admin of your ESS Silent Beacon account.

This phone number is not registered. Please select “Learn More” instead.
Allow “Silent Beacon” to use your location?
You must choose “Allow While Using App” for this app to function properly.
Allow Once / Allow While Using App / Don’t Allow

Location Services

The screen on the left allows you to acknowledge the importance of enabling Location Services and displays the recommended option that will allow the App to properly function.

The screen on the right prompts you to select which location sharing setting.



The App and Beacon will not function properly unless you select “While Using App” or similar functionality.

Connect your Beacon

Now that a Contact has been created, you will be prompted to connect your Silent Beacon device to the App.

This connection can be skipped and found on the Beacon screen; however, we recommend connecting your Beacon at this point in the set-up process.

Now let’s connect your Silent Beacon to the Application. Connect Now / Maybe Later Purchase Beacon Here
”Silent Beacon” Would Like to Use Bluetooth.
The Silent Beacon App would like to use Bluetooth to connect to the Silent Beacon Device. Don’t Allow | OK


A prompt will appear asking you if you would like to use Bluetooth.

Pressing “OK” will allow you to connect the Device to the App through Bluetooth LE connection.


If “Don’t Allow” is pressed, the Beacon will not connect, and the App will not function properly.

In the Main Menu an (!) icon will appear at at the top right of the menu, prompting you to turn on Bluetooth.

Beacon Setup Guide

The step-by-step setup guide will allow you to quickly connect your Beacon to the Application.


• Charge Beacon
• Turn on Beacon
• Connect Beacon


Bluetooth must be turned on the your smartphone that is connecting to the App!

Step 1 of 3
Make sure your Beacon is fully charged or remains plugged-in during pairing.
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Beacon Setup Step 1

Ensure the Beacon is fully charged before connecting it to the App.


The accompanying USB-C cord packaged with the Beacon can be plugged into any USB-C port that can be found in a computer, wall outlet, or car.

Beacon Setup Step 2

To turn on the Silent Beacon, press the smaller button (smooth surface, not raised) for about 2 seconds. You will hear it power up and the LED light will activate cycling red-green-blue.


To see if the Beacon is turned on, press the same button and the LED should blink red or blue (red for not connected to the app, blue for connected).

To turn off the Beacon, hold both buttons for 5 seconds and it will start glowing Purple.

Do not hold both buttons longer than 10 seconds as it activate Reset mode.

Step 2 of 3
To turn your Beacon on, hold the smaller, smooth button on the right side for 2 seconds. Not sure your Beacon is turned on? Tap the same button. If the Beacon blinks blue or red, it is on.
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Step 3 of 3
Place your Beacon next to this App and tap the “Connect” button below to begin the pairing process. Your Beacon might require a firmware update to access the latest updates.

Beacon Setup Step 3

To pair the Beacon with the App, place the Silent Beacon next to the phone and tap “Connect”.


Please allow up to 30 seconds for the connection to work.

Beacon Pairing

The App will now find the closest Silent Beacon and attempt to pair to it.


To see if the Beacon is turned on, press the same button and the LED should blink red or blue (red for not connected to the app, blue for connected).

After initial Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth Calling will need to be connected.

Searching for Beacon Bluetooth: Searching… Please wait up to 30 seconds for the Beacon to be Paired.
Beacon Pairing ½ Limited Functionality Bluetooth: Paired Beacon Calling: Pairing… IMPORTANT! Please do not leave this screen until Beacon Calling is paired.

Beacon Pairing 1/2

Once the Beacon is paired to Bluetooth, “Beacon Calling” attempts to connect.


Beacon Calling enables the Beacon to call when in Emergency Mode. Once emergency mode is activated on the Beacon, the paired phone will automatically dial the preset number.

The Beacon has two-way communication via the water-resistant speaker and microphone. Once Beacon Calling is connected, you can place calls directly through the Beacon with only one press of a button.

Beacon Pairing 2/2

Once the Beacon is paired to Bluetooth, a popup screen appears stating “Silent Beacon 2 would like to pair with your phone.”

Click “Pair” to fully connect the Silent Beacon to the Application.

Bluetooth Pairing Request
“Silent Beacon 2” would like to pair with your iPhone.
Cancel / Pair
Beacon Paired
Bluetooth: Paired
Beacon Calling: Paired
Battery Life, How-to Information, Beacon Device Manual, View Manual, Application User Guide, View Guide

Beacon Paired

Now that the Beacon is paired, “Bluetooth” and “Beacon Calling” show as “Paired” in blue and the Beacon’s current Battery level appears.


On this page, you can access helpful resources such as:

Beacon Device Manual
Reviews all features, capabilities, and set up process, as well as Alert Modes and notification options of the Silent Beacon Device.

Application User Guide
That is this guide being read now.

Beacon Paired Continued

How-to Videos
YouTube videos on step-by-step setup and navigation.

Can’t Find Your Beacon?
You can Ping your Beacon to sound its chime. You must be within Bluetooth range for this to work

Device Information
You can view their current Firmware version and access Firmware updates.

Device Identifier
The support team can refer to this number if you have a technical issues.

Remove Beacon
The Beacon will unpair from your phone and delete your settings from the Beacon, allowing it to become accessible to other users.

Factory Reset
The Beacon will unpair from your phone and delete your settings from the Beacon, allowing it to become accessible to other users.

Beacon Pairing ½
Limited Functionally
Bluetooth: Paired Beacon Calling: Not Paired (i) Battery Life Need Help Pairing? Refer to our online manuals and videos for additional guidance.

Beacon Pairing Issue

When the “Bluetooth” is Paired, but the “Beacon Calling” is not paired, press “Learn More” under “Need Help Pairing?” to troubleshoot the App/Beacon.


Once you press “Learn More” it will open the “How-To Information” section.

Beacon Reconnecting

If the App has lost connection to the Beacon, it will continue to attempt to reconnect.

Once it finds your Beacon it will reconnect both Bluetooth and Bluetooth Calling.

Searching for Beacon Bluetooth: Searching…
Remove Beacon?
This will delete your Beacon settings, allowing it to become accessible to other users. Do you wish to continue?

Remove Beacon from App

“Remove Beacon” will delete the Beacon settings from the App. This is done when you no longer want to use the App on your phone or when you try reconnecting the Beacon.


Once you press “Learn More” it will open the “How-To Information” section.

Factory Reset the Beacon

Factory Reset allows you to reset the Beacon to its factory settings. All stored data and connection to the App will be erased. You may wish to Factory Reset the Beacon if there are issues with connection between the App and Beacon or if you are removing the Beacon from the Smartphone.

To complete this process you must go to your Bluetooth settings and delete the connection to Silent Beacon 2.0.

Factory Reset Complete
Do you wish to be taken to your Phone’s Bluetooth settings page to remove the Silent Beacon information