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Send your GPS location in realtime

Call your emergency contact

Send multiple people messages

Email your contacts with your location


Safety App Panic Button Features

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The Silent Beacon emergency alert app helps you instantly connect with loved-ones in an emergency situation.

Emergency Contacts

Alert multiple people at once to be connected to the personal safety app.
Set your primary contact and Activate voice alert.

Emergency Map View

View real time GPS location and Toggle between satellite and map view.Forward the information to other people or emergency personnel.

Custom Alert Options

Turn on or off the calling feature for your primary contact and Enable alerts to be sent in text messages.


Silent Beacon safety panic button app helps you instantly connect with loved ones in an emergency situation. You can instantly alert loved ones with your GPS location as well as calling emergency personnel such as 911. With one touch you can send text messages, push notifications, emails and send voice calls to your pre-stored emergency contacts inside the emergency App. Best of all unlike our competitors there is no mandatory monthly fees and the emergency alert app is FREE!



Hello, if you are reading this you have either downloaded or are thinking about downloading Silent Beacon, the number one safety app on the iTunes app store. Here are instructions on how to setup the button app along with an explanation of each feature. Please keep in mind both Location Services and Push Notifications need to be turned on for this personal safety app to function properly. Check your general phone settings to turn these on.

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